by Zona on November 15, 2013

Signs Your Home Needs To Be Repiped


Indianapolis RepipingPlumbing features and characteristics are known to have a limited lifespan. As such, the need for pipe replacements in homes should not be ignored. One can misjudge a leak as simply a sign of a faulty valve; in most cases, the leak maybe a sign that the residence needs re-piping. Valves frequently fail due to corrosion that builds up in the pipes. The build ups are very common in older pipes. Other than the aging of the pipes; hard water, lime and mineral deposits are usually the main causes for the serious plumbing issues. Being aware of signs that the home needs to be re-piped is crucial in order to avoid serious long term consequences.

Surplus air in the pipes causes regular spits and or spurts when a water faucet or shower is turned on. This is an issue that tends to be misjudged; however, this factor is one of the top signs that re-piping is needed. Another irritating issue that is common is the decrease in water pressure. Since build up of corrosive materials does take time, it is very common among old pipes. It is difficult to determine how old residential pipelines are. As such, investigation and obtaining the expertise from the skilled professionals is recommended. 

Changes in the taste and the color of tap water are a sign of contamination. These long term effects are frequent among rusted pipes that are universal among aged water pipes. Any signs of rusty residue around showers; areas around the sink or toilets are a sign of build up of corrosive materials. Pipes that are severely damaged can lead to serious damages to the property. Negligence of such issues can be very costly. Wet marks on walls, unpleasant odor, mildew or mold build up are some of the long term signs residences may experience. 

In general, pipe issues are taken for granted; the thought of re-piping can be intimidating, the issue of cost can be scary as well. Researching tools are readily available and or obtaining reliable referrals can be time consuming, however, highly recommended when dealing with professionals for assist. 

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