by Zona on October 18, 2013

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance


Indianapolis Water HeaterMuch like other household appliances, water heaters are also subject to wear and tear over time. There are a variety of problems a water heater are subject to, such as failure to heat water, rust, water leakage, and much more. It is recommended that a professional is hired to repair water heaters.

The most prominent issue with water heaters is that they will not heat the water, or only heat the water partially. This issue is commonly caused by the internal parts failing, gas leakage, or the pilot light is not lit. Gas leakage is less common, but if the odor of gas is in the air you should call immediately to have the water heater serviced. In addition, calling a professional to relight the pilot light or replace any rusted or failing internal parts will repair the water heater.

Water heaters typically are not replaced for many years, which means they are often subject to rusting. The inside of a water heater tank is built to protect against rust, but it is possible for the glass lining to fail and have water leak through. This water leakage is usually what causes rust. Rust can cause many different parts to fail, and can even cause your water to become dirty. If a water heater is not periodically cleaned, sediment will begin to build up and cause the water to become dirty. In addition, old sacrificial anode will also cause rust and dirt to appear inside a water heater.

Low water pressure is another common issue and can prevent your water heater from functioning properly. Low water pressure is typically caused by buildup of material within the water heater. As aforementioned, of a sacrificial anode is not replaced enough this could cause rust buildup which may in turn cause low water pressure. Determining the water pressure is possible through use of the pressure gauge. Serious leaks may also be a cause of low pressure, but this is less common compared to blockages throughout your piping system. A professional is recommended to clean the water heater and replace or clean any parts with blockages.

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