by Zona on November 22, 2013

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs A Tune Up


Indianapolis HeatingOne very important yearly appointment not to miss is the annual inspection and tune up of your heating unit. A well maintained heating unit will not only help save money on heating bills by working more efficiently, it could help to save your life. Even with yearly safety inspections, there is always a chance your furnace may need to be serviced again. To tell if your heating unit needs a tune up, there are a few signs to watch out for.

Rise in Heating Bills: If your heating bills are steadily increasing monthly and it seems as if the heating unit is running continually, then it is time to schedule a service call. Not only will the old and worn out parts be replaced, the service technician will also clean out the furnace and air ducts to help rid your home of dust and allergens.

Loud Noises and Strange Smells: Anytime a heating unit begins to make any kind of noise, a certified technician should be called. A full inspection should be made, along with replacing any old or broken parts. Not only is it safer, it can also be more cost effective. Some home warranties do not cover damages caused by improperly maintained heaters.

The same is true for any strange odor emitting from the heating unit. Unfortunately, the common cause for any odor coming from a heating unit is usually fire related. A burning smell could indicate burning electrical wires, while a gas smell usually indicates a leak. In either case it is imperative that a professional be called to inspect the problem.

Even going a day without heat in the winter is miserable, but proper maintenance can help to prevent this. A yearly service inspection is quick, easy, and your service repairmen is happy to do it. Start the winter off knowing that you will be warm and safe this year at home.

Is the heater in your Indianapolis home in need of maintenance? Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536 and schedule a service call today!

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