by Zona on December 6, 2013

Dangers of Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line


Indianapolis PlumberThe houses that are most at risk for this specific type of problem, are older homes with clay plumbing pipes. This makes the piping an easy target for tree roots looking for water in the soil. Tree roots can cause extremely costly damage to the whole plumbing system in your home, and can cause nasty backups inside the home as well. Backups occur once the piping has fully clogged and the system cannot flow properly out of the piping in place. This will cause extremely foul smells throughout the house, as it tends to have the raw sewage run back up into bathtubs, sinks and showers. These repairs not only are very costly and time consuming, they are extremely disgusting and can result in odors throughout your house for weeks.

The typical environment these issues occur are, as previously stated, older homes with clay piping but also is very common in homes that are in the process of droughts. The tree roots are constantly searching for water and nutrients from wet soil, during a drought however there is no water in the soil which leads to roots seeking shelter in the plumbing which has an abundance of constant flowing water. This whole process can happen very rapidly and should be looked into by a professional if you have trees and plants near the house and property, as well as if your current location has been enduring a drought recently.

The sooner the plumbing can be looked at by a professional, the less risk the homeowner has of funding a very costly repair. Newer houses do not need to worry as much, as the piping fitted for most modern homes is PVC piping, a hard coated plastic that is extremely difficult to be penetrated by tree roots. However it is still intelligent to have those pipes routinely checked as well, if there are tress planted in close proximity to the residence.

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