by Zona on September 12, 2014

Reasons why hiring a professional is the right choice for that DIY project


Need to upgrade the plumbing system in your property? Read on to see why you should hire a professional plumber for that project!

Indianapolis Commercial PlumberSafety

Some people think they may be great at DIY plumbing projects, and will first attempt to repair a leak that looks small and easy to fix, such as changing a shower head or sink-tap fixture, however it usually takes more than wanting to repair a leak, and safety should be your first concern. Your minor leak repair may prove to be more than what you thought, and it could become, a whole-house, plumbing disaster, just waiting to happen. Our reputation for safety is what our customers always mention to their friends, so we get many referrals because of that. We take our job very seriously and have the required expertise that will ensure your plumbing problems are taken care of promptly, and within a matter of hours your home or office restroom or sink will be in clean and great working condition.


You are looking for the warranty on the pipe that was recently changed in your attic and for some reason you just can’t find it, right? No worries we won’t need it to assist you with your new leak today. Just make sure you always ask for a warranty on all your plumbing repairs, as your DYI plumbing issue could quickly turn into a major catastrophe, and that will definitely cost you much more without a warranty. Our group of professionals has been handling all types of plumbing issues for many years. If you have old and poorly installed plumbing fixtures or other such issues, you may be out of warranty, however, our discounts and special savings offer will be discussed with you when we quote you the plumbing job we will be taking on at your home or business.

Indianapolis Commercial PlumbingSaving Money

Everyone wants to save money, particularly on home repair, and especially when it concerns plumbing. Before you dive into a DIY plumbing project on your own, call us and get a free quote. You will be surprised how much money we can help your home or company save. Our friendly staff is bonded and very experienced in the specific type of plumbing problem they will be assisting you with. There is no trial and error, just professional work that has been gained throughout the years. To prevent plumbing nightmares and overflow toilet leaks, call us and we will inspect your toilets and sinks before disaster strikes, for less, than if any of these start to leak. We are efficient, and very cost effective. Just call us!

Are you looking to upgrade your Indianapolis property? Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536 and get started today!

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