by Zona on December 5, 2014

Garbage Disposal Odor Issues


Indianapolis PlumberBad odor in a house is unpleasant and harmful to occupants. Unfortunately, most of the bad smells emanates from garbage disposals and owners fail to notice this often. Although garbage disposals are confined to kitchens, it takes only a few seconds for the smell to spread to other areas of a house.

Whenever you think your garbage disposal is the source of a bad smell, the first thing that is safe to do is call a professional plumber. Never attempt to clean the garbage disposal when the plug is still connected to the outlet. Too many accidents have occurred this way, and people need to be very careful with DIY projects when it comes to this area of the house.

My Disposer smells really bad, What Can a Plumber do to get rid of it?

The leftovers eliminated through garbage disposals are the main cause of bad smell seeping from the kitchen. The garbage disposal does the job of discarding waste by chopping food particles into minuscule pieces. Sometimes, solid food particles get stuck between the disposal blades.

Other times, it is tiny metals or remnants from disposed materials that is the source of blockage. Either way, just like you need electricians to solve wiring issues in a house, you need professional plumber's help to solve this issue permanently. Your best bet for an error free solution is to call a plumber right way.

Failure to clean the unit regularly is another cause of bad odor from the kitchen. The food that gets clogged in the disposal lead to bacteria formation thus rotting the food and making the smell emanate from the unit. This can be embarrassing when you have guests coming over to your house. It can also be a reason for health issues such as vomiting and stomach aches.

Garbage DisposalWhat Shouldn't I put into my disposer?

By implementing some basic preventive measures, you can keep your home smelling clean or at least prevent costly repairs and replacements of garbage disposal units.

First, make sure that all food particles have washed down the drain by running hot water through it for a few minutes. Make sure to dispose only soft food particles and retain hard, sold food for the trash can.

Once every week, pour dish-washing liquid into the unit and turn on the switch for proper draining. There are other simple things that you can do regularly to get rid of the foul odors coming from garbage disposal. Calling plumber or taking basic precautions can help you prevent the problems in the future.

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