by Zona on February 14, 2014

How To Handle a Plumbing Emergency


Indianapolis PlumberAs with any emergency, the key to responding to a plumbing emergency is to be quick and decisive. Making quick decisions requires preparation. It is important to understand how the plumbing works in your home. Where is the main shut-off valve? Where is the hot water heater and shut-off valve? Is the plumbing primarily in the ceiling? In the floor? Are there other places in the home where water can be shut off?  As the plumbing is examined to answer these questions it is good to look for tell-tale leaks or wear. If found and repaired, an emergency can be averted before it happens.

The first thing that must be done is to stop the leak. If small or localized, such as a broken tap or a washer hose, it may be possible to shut off the water near the leak. The water can typically be shut off right at the heater if a hot water pipe is broken. For other leaks, it may be necessary to shut the main valve, stopping all water from entering your home. In extreme cases, or when the leak is beyond the main valve, the supplier may need to shut off the water. Keeping the number of the utility company handy is another important part of being prepared.

Once the leak is stopped, the next step should be to limit any water damage. Quick action can reduce the need for replacing floors or drywall. It may take only a towel or two, depending on how much water has leaked. When a professional clean-up and repair company is required, the actual plumbing problem should be fixed before contacting them. The plumber may need to open up a ceiling, floor, or wall to get to the pipes and make the repairs.

Only a qualified plumber should fix all but the simplest of problems. It is not uncommon for the home handyman to actually increase the damage and the final cost. Perhaps the most important preparation is to make sure to have the number of a good plumber near the phone.

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