by Zona on June 13, 2014

Signs That Your AC Needs A Tuneup


AC Tune-UpWhen it comes to our home's environment being clean, most productive people are on top of it and make sure its done no matter how painful and stressful the process can be. We do that to our cars as well by taking it to the mechanic every now and then to make sure its running and feeling great. Our Air conditioner on the other hand is something that rarely gets any maintenance which causes it to misbehave in the times where we most need it. You don't want to start a hot summer with an AC that doesn't work properly. Here's a list of things to do to maintain your AC

AC Is Running But The Temperature Is Still The Same

If your AC is running constantly and your energy bill is getting higher and higher each month, you might want to get your AC checked up and turn it off until then.

No Air Is Coming Out Of The Vents

A lot of time, our AC would be running for hours at a time but the temperature is still quite warm. We continue to turn down the lever and set the climate for a colder one only to burn up even more. Most likely that occurs due to the vents being clogged which happens every month or two of using an AC. Cleaning the vents by taking them off and spraying them with water should do the trick.

Most problems don't require a full on repairman to take care off but if the AC vents are clean and it's not operating properly it can be a fan problem. Contacting HVAC and inquiring about such a problem can give you an idea on what to expect the maintenance price to be and how to best approach such a problem.

HVAC delivers to their customers all kinds of professional service technician support and maintenance to keep all the air conditioners running at their top shape without working for hours at a time costing the client tons of money without even providing the desired cool air.

Is your home in need of an AC tuneup? Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service today at (317) 881-9536 for the best services in Indianapolis!

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