by Zona on August 29, 2014

Ways to reduce your water heater’s energy consumption


Indianapolis Water Heater MaintenanceThere are some easy ways that a person can decrease the energy consumption of their water heater in the property. When you take these simple steps you will find that not only can you reduce your energy consumption, but this can also save you money.

1. It is important to know what the thermostat on your water heater is set at. It is likely that this temperature can be reduced. This can be a simple way to reduce energy consumption for your water heater. Simply turning down a water heater merely 10 degrees can save you 5% on your energy bills.

2. Many people use tons of hot water every day with little thought to consumption. When a person becomes more conscious about the hot water they are using it can be much easier to reduce use. There may be many times when hot water is not necessary and this can waste energy. It is becoming more common to change practices concerning hot water consumption. Many people are even doing laundry in cold water to reduce consumption.

3. It can also be common for sediment to build up in the bottom of your water heater. A professional can come into your property and check for this sediment. If this problem is not addressed it can affect the way your heater operates. This in turn can make this heater work harder using more energy and money.

Indianapolis Plumber4. Water pipes in the property often need to be insulated and this is another aspect where a professional company can be of assistance. Pipes that are insulated will not require as much energy to warm the water. There may be pipes that are not easily accessible and a licensed professional can often find the right solution.

5. A tankless water heater may be a sound investment. When you talk to a professional they can help you to understand how this can save you money and provide instant hot water. This tankless system is becoming more popular and many companies are now offering this type of model for the property. This is also a water heater that takes up very minimal space in the property.

There are some tips that can help someone to begin to be more aware of the energy consumption of their hot water heater. The right solutions will save money and energy, without sacrificing the hot water that is needed for the property.

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