by Zona on November 27, 2015

Keep Airborne Viruses Under Control In Your Home

As soon as autumn leaves turn from green to red, yellow, or brown, the temperature drops. No matter where you live, right after Halloween, the chilly weather hits and everybody starts covering up. Sometimes it's not enough to wear a scarf and jacket, in order to really ensure wellness during winter months, you have to be prepared.

Indianapolis Flu Season TipsDe-germing your Indianapolis house, car, and the desk or cubicle in your place of work, is vital to the process of getting and staying healthy!

There are a list of products designed to disinfect areas infested by nasty germs and harmful bacteria, so get your change purse ready, and keep your coupons handy, then head to the nearest grocery store, Walmart, or other local cleaning product company.

First of all, what you decide to purchase could depend on whether you're ultra concerned about the environment or not.

There are different versions of wipes, disinfecting sprays, and germ-killing cleansers, that may or may not be available at regular grocery store or drug store chain. To find a variety of Green products, you'll need to do a Google search.

  • Forms of Germ-busting
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Germ killing sprays

Anti-bacterial Cleansers

Starting with your Indianapolis house, germ warfare should definitely cover areas where a sick person has been the most. In the home you should wipe down surfaces such as door knobs and light switches. Using wipes can handle small items like car keys and a remote control, then you can follow up by spraying Lysol in the air to cover large spaces. Other popular places that families can share germs are places like Mud Rooms and individual closets and dresser drawers.

Be sure to wash previously used sheets, pillow cases, and comforter sets, that may be holding flu and virus germs that can make you spend anywhere from one night in the Emergency Room, to a week out of the office.

Toddlers are Susceptible to Viruses

Children's rooms are the worst. Babies and toddlers are susceptible - so be sure to keep them up with shots. Dusting over furniture regularly and wiping down toys and appliances with alcohol soaked cotton swabs and Lysol wipes, can be mother's best defense.

For surfaces like bathroom and kitchen counter-tops, a smart dose of cleanser can be added to mop water and on a damp cloth, to ensure detailed cleaning.

For cars and workplaces, Lysol and wipes are great!

Keep your Indianapolis home free from germs of the flu season. Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical today at (317) 881-9536, to get tips on how to keep your home flu free.

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