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5 Ways to Tell if Your Business' Thermostat is Malfunctioning

When the thermostat stops working at a business, it can cause a variety of problems. Employees won’t feel comfortable, so the business will sustain huge losses in productivity. We’re frequently contacted by Indianapolis business owners because they believe their thermostat has stopped functioning.

There are several tests that we can perform to determine if the thermostat is not working properly. If we find a problem with the device, we can fix it for an affordable price.

Indianapolis, IN thermostat-repairChecking the Settings

One of the ways that we can check to see if the thermostat is malfunctioning involves checking the settings. First, we’ll check to make sure the unit is actually turned on and getting enough power. We’ll also check the settings for the system’s heating and cooling.

There is a chance that the temperature settings have been changed, so they might be too high. When a thermostat isn’t working properly, it can cause the settings to change. There is a lot of information that we can gain from reading the settings.

It’s important for your HVAC system to deliver consistent performance, or you’ll end up paying too much money for your utility bill. By checking the settings, we can determine if your HVAC machine is malfunctioning, and if we find a problem, we’ll recommend fixing it or installing a new system for you.

Checking the Battery

Many modern thermostats have a battery inside of them, and it’s used to preserve settings and keep the system running optimally. To find out if your thermostat is malfunctioning, we’ll check the battery and see if it’s causing any problems. It’s not uncommon for a bad battery to prevent the thermostat from operating normally.

When the battery is bad, it can cause the thermostat to randomly shutoff, which can cause your HVAC system to behave oddly. Many Indianapolis business owners make the mistake of assuming the battery is fine as long as the thermostat display is turned on.

The reality is that a faulty battery might be able to light the screen, but it might not have enough power to activate the other important functions. If your thermostat has been using the same battery for a year or longer, then it’s probably a good idea to let us replace it.

A faulty battery is a common reason for thermostat malfunctioning, and we can check your battery and determine if it’s causing issues with the thermostat.

Checking the Circuit Breaker

Another way that we can check to see if your thermostat is malfunctioning is by checking the circuit breaker in your building. Since the circuit breaker provides power to the thermostat, it can cause problems with the thermostat if it’s not working properly.

When the circuit breaker gets tripped, it might stop sending power to your system’s thermostat, which can cause a malfunction. We have specialized equipment that we can use to make sure the circuit breaker is performing properly and sending power to the thermostat.

There is always the chance that there is a problem in the wires. The signal from the thermostat might get disrupted and cause components to stop working.

Air Conditioning Stops Working

If the air conditioning inside of your business suddenly stops working, your system thermostat could be malfunctioning. In fact, this is one of the common signs of a malfunctioning thermostat.

When we come to your business to check this problem, the first thing that we’ll do is make sure the thermostat display is lit. If the display isn’t on, then the thermostat has no way to tell the air conditioner to turn on.

Since the thermostat is responsible for telling the air conditioner to turn on, your building won’t receive proper cooling when the thermostat isn’t doing its job. You don’t want your thermostat to stop working during summer because you’ll have no way to cool employees, which is a serious safety hazard.

Performing a Switch Bypass Test

Another way to tell if a business thermostat isn’t working properly involves a switch bypass test. When performing this test, we’ll start by shutting off the power to your furnace.

Next, we’ll remove the thermostat from the mounting bracket, which exposes the wiring protruding from the wall. The next step involves connecting certain wires with a wire connector. After we’ve connected the wires, we’ll turn the power back on and see if the HVAC system turns on.

Indianapolis, IN thermostat-repair-2If it starts working after this test, then there is a good chance that the thermostat is bad. We can provide thermostat repair for your broken programmable thermostat.

There are many other ways to determine if a business thermostat isn’t working as it should. For example, maybe the system doesn’t even turn on. While some business owners might think the whole system is broken, the real cause is likely a faulty thermostat.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to change the settings on their programmable thermostat and unknowingly cause problems with the system’s functioning. Another sign of thermostat malfunctioning is an HVAC system that never stops running.

If the thermostat isn’t working properly, it can cause the heat or air conditioning to run nonstop, which can cause the utility bill to skyrocket. If your business thermostat is having some issues, it can also cause uneven temperatures.

When programmable thermostats stop working properly, it can create hot and cold spots in your business. If the temperature isn’t even throughout your business, it can create an uncomfortable work environment for employees, which can result in a major loss of productivity.

How to Handle These Problems

As a business owner, the best way for you to handle these problems involves calling the professionals. We have a wealth of experience with thermostat repair, so we can come to your business and repair any problems that your thermostat might be having. Since there is dangerous wiring involved, you should never try to fix these problems alone. Leave all of the repair work to the HVAC professionals.

If you need high quality services for your Indianapolis, IN business, call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536.

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