by Zona on June 12, 2015

The Toilet, A History In The Making

Indianapolis PlumberFor thousands of years humans have populated this planet. For those thousands of years humans have worked, slept, and had to go to the restroom.

At first humans would go anywhere they pleased, but as civilizations emerged they had to find a better way to do it. This constant need to go to the restroom brought forth several inventions to solve the problem.

The Chamber Pot

With the invention of the Chamber Pot people no longer had to go to the restroom outside. This allowed people to go to the restroom in the comfort of their own home. Chamber Pots were mostly used in a bedroom because they allowed a person to go to the restroom in the middle of the night.

In the morning a person could just empty the pot in the nearest trash pile. The Chamber Pot was a huge advancement in toilet technology because for the first time it allowed for a toilet to be placed in every room.

The Out House

Before the modern toilet was invented outhouses were used to go to the restroom. An outhouse was a room with a hole in the ground were people would go to restroom.

The waste would then go to a pit underneath or to a pit located close by. In medieval times most outhouses were placed in central locations and were used by the community. This communal outhouses would be large so multiple people would fit at one time. Communal outhouses also had rows of holes were people could go to the restroom at once. With the invention of plumbing outhouses began to be phased out and replaced with the modern toilet.

The Toilet

Indianapolis Toilet-HistoryWith the invention of plumbing Chamber Pots, and Outhouses began to be phased out. Modern toilets allowed people to go to the restroom in the comfort of their own home with out the need to dispose of the waste.

The plumbing system would take care of the waste. Even though the modern toilet was a revolutionary advancement in technology and has improved the life of humans ever since it was conceived.

Problems often arise when it is overused or misused and someone has to be called to fix it. This person has to know what they are doing, they have to be responsible, and in modern times they have to be licensed.

With the modern toilet Plumbers were born, and they are here to take care of all the plumbing needs a person might have.

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