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Backflow Testing


What is the Importance of Backflow Testing?

Adequate pipe pressure is integral in guaranteeing that your household or business receives the proper supply of water. If there is a reduction in the pressure of the water, there could be a possible hazard to your family or customers in the case of a business.

Backflow testing is devised to decrease the possibility of contamination. In most cases, a water system has an adequate amount of water to supply water to faucets, outside fixtures, and showers.

When a pipe has been broken, frozen, or if there is a higher need for water; pressure in the pipe could be reduced dramatically. Based on these circumstances, contaminants in the water can drain in the regular water supply.

Backflow is a detrimental reversal of the flow of water from the intended route in the pipeline or the plumbing system. Backflow is extremely dangerous because it can affect drinking water and cause it to become unusable.

Many water districts are mandated to have an established backflow water prevention program that includes prevention devices. Many states within the United States require that an annual test is done by an agency that is certified to do backflow testing.

Why Does the Backflow Device have to be Tested Yearly?

The purpose of annual testing is to guarantee safety to the public water supply. Also, an annual test for backflow devices are needed to make certain the device is working properly. If your backflow device is working properly, it will pass the annual inspection. If your device doesn’t pass the test repairs will need to be completed immediately, or parts may need to be replaced.

Backflow Repairs or Replacements

Backflow devices have interior structures that open and close. After a while, the amount of usage of the device can cause the parts to become damaged or worn out. In addition, parts malfunction because of corrosion and rust. All of these issues can cause the device to fail the annual test.

When parts have been either repaired or replaced, the device is retested and certified for another year. Generally, backflow devices will need to be replaced every 10-15 years.

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