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How To Drain Your Water Heater, And Why?

What’s The Purpose Of Draining A Water Heater?

Draining an Indianapolis, IN water heater has several purposes, whether it’s to get water that’s needed for the home when the water supply has been cut off or to clean any particles and sediments that have settled inside the water heater after a long period of time.

Mostly, a water heater is drained to clean it out, especially since water will constantly pass through the heater, and the hot water can easily dissolve certain particles into the water that can make the water unsafe to use. Since a hot water heater can easily dissolve many things, draining it at least once a year can help to remove sediments from the system, giving you clean and clear water to use in the home.

Indianapolis, IN water-heater-servicesThe Steps To Draining A Water Heater

Draining the water heater takes several steps, and each one should be followed carefully in order to prevent any accidents or problems. It’s wisest to hire a plumber to drain the water heater, especially since they are licensed to maintain and keep a water heater running properly.

Make sure there is no power going to the water heater, whether it’s through gas or electricity before the water heater is ever drained. Once the power is cut, then make sure that the valve for cold water on the water heater is off. Take a garden hose, and then connect it to the drain valve, which will then drain out the water from the water heater.

Some may even choose to use some type of container to collect the water as opposed to using a hose. Make sure to open the drain valve, so the water can start to drain. The water will drain out completely, but additional water should be added to the water heater up to a point, and then the draining process should start again.

This is similar to rinsing clothes two times to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. After the water heater is drained again, then the drain valve can be closed, and the water heater can be refilled.

Plumbers Are Needed To Maintain A Water Heater

The license that our Indianapolis plumbers possess is necessary for certain maintenance that a water heater needs. Even draining a water heater can be problematic, so get a plumber to do it by giving them a call.

Great plumbers are available at Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service  in Indianapolis, IN at (317) 881-9536.

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