by Zona on August 15, 2014

The health benefits of having a water filtration system in your property


Indianapolis Commercial PlumberWater is a vital component of your body. Whether it is about blood circulation or toxin excretion, our body needs water to perform many such functions successfully. Therefore, drinking eight glasses of water regularly is always recommended. However, it is important for you to choose clean and pure water for drinking. Water can be a major source of disease causing microbes as well. The water that comes through the tap is not filtered. Drinking this water is not recommended. Bottled water is certainly a good option. However, it can be expensive. Also, this process results in increasing plastic waste as well. Instead, property owners can consider installing a whole new water filtration system that can solve the problem. You will get pure and clean water from every faucet in your property when you use the water filtration system.

Our company offers excellent choices of water filtration system options. property owners should be happy to know that installing such a filtration system is easy. Our expert technicians will install the system at your property within a few hours. The best part of this system is that the filtration system can remove contaminants, microbes, and particles from your water through an easy and detailed filtration process. This filter will be in connection with your water line. That means all of the water coming into your property will be filtered after it passes through the filter installed.

Indianapolis Commercial Water Filtration SystemTwo types of water filtration systems are often used. The first one is the heavy duty filtration system, whereas the second one is the standard capacity water purifier system. Each filtration system uses the multi-purpose carbon filter, which is effective in removing chorine, odor, VOCs, and chloramine. This purified water is contaminant and chemical free. In addition, a carbon filter also removes sediments, fluoride, and iron from water. In case, you want some particular contaminant to be removed, you can always choose a water filter system with carbon filter. This filter also has the capacity to soften hard water.

While the heavy duty filtration system is placed in a tank about 50” tall, the second type of filter requires only a tank of only 10 inch height. Unlike the heavy duty filter, the standard capacity filter system requires replacement every year. Those looking for affordable filtration systems can choose the second type of system, because these filtration systems are more affordable. A water filtration system will not only provide you contaminant free water to drink, but also will supply healthy and clean water for cooking, showers, and baths.

Looking to install water filtration system in your Indianapolis property? Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536 and start enjoying the benefits of healthier and cleaner water today!

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