by Zona on August 26, 2016

Solve Uneven Cooling Problems In Your Home Today with these 3 Easy Tips

eliminate-uneven-cooling---thermostatMany homeowners that we speak to express frustration at issues with inconsistent cooling in their homes during the warmer summer months. They tell us that the rooms in their homes are often too warm, or too cool and that there is a significant temperature shift when they move between different levels of their multi-story residence.

Not only are issues with uneven heating a source of discomfort for many of our customers, but it can also put added strain on your home’s cooling system and can cause issues with your air conditioner and other elements of your HVAC system.

Do you want to learn how to regain control of your indoor temperature and resolve issues with uneven cooling? Then keep reading to discover three easy ways you can get back to feeling comfortable:

1. Top Up Your Attic Insulation

The insulation in your attic plays a vital role in maintaining a temperature eliminate-uneven-cooling---atticbalance in your home. Not only does it ensure that cool air can’t escape through the top of your home, but it also prevents warm air from getting inside.

If your attic lacks the appropriate amount of insulation, or if the insulation you have in your attic is not the appropriate kind for your region, then it’s time to consider remedying the situation and taking control of your indoor air quality.

2. Get Customized Control with a Zoning System

Zoning systems can be installed to give you complete and customized control over the temperature of various areas of your home. If you struggle to cool your bedrooms on the second floor, but find that your main floor feels like an ice box, then a zoning system can offer a level of control that you may have been lacking.

Zoning systems should be installed by a qualified HVAC expert, and during the installation process, they can help you determine the appropriate zones and areas which require their own control systems, such as bedrooms, offices, and basements.

3. Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned and Inspected

Not only can compromises in your air duct system result in cool air being leaked into areas like hallways and closets, but it can also put added strain on your cooling system which can cause it to wear down faster.

For professional assistance with resolving your uneven cooling issues depend on the experts at Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service, in Greenwood, IN and give us a call at (317) 881-9536 for fast, high-quality solutions today.


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