by Zona on October 11, 2013

Is your sump pump running up to speed?


Indianapolis Sump PumpRain and other forms of precipitation are a common occurrence throughout the year. These acts of nature cannot be controlled or stopped, so various forms of protection are used to combat the negative impact large amounts of precipitation can cause. One device many homeowners have installed in their homes is a sump pump. This device is found in the basement of homes and works by pumping out excess water that would otherwise leak into the basement of the home. For homes located in wet and rainy conditions sump pumps become an essential piece of equipment to protect the structure of the house.

The operation of a sump pump is a fairly simple and straightforward process. The pump is located in a sump pit (a hole with a gravel base) which is usually found in the basement or crawlspace. When the sump pit fills with water the pump is triggered and starts to begin pumping the water away from the foundation. The water is then carried to a location away from the foundation of the house. The pump is triggered by the water level when a float switch or pressure sensor is touched. Once the switch is activated an impeller operating with centrifugal force begins to spin and rushes the water into the pipes away from the house. This process is usually automatic without any need for interaction by the homeowner.

Sump pump maintenance is important for every homeowner to have done. Without the proper maintenance sump pumps may break and offer no protection to the homeowner. First of all, since the pump is surrounded by water a GFCI outlet is required. This prevents any short circuits or electrocution by water should something malfunction. It is imperative that the GFCI is wired and operating correctly. Also, other common signs of sump pump problems are as follows: rising water levels in the basement, strange noises not usually heard from the pump, odd vibrations or rattling, unpleasant or strong odors, and tripping of the circuit breaker. These could be signs of a pump full of dirt and grime or even a pump that has been damaged by the water over its term of operation. It is important to have a pump serviced by a competent plumber in order to keep your house protected from water.

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