by Zona on August 23, 2013

Does your AC need maintenance?


Indianapolis AC RepairAir conditioners are an essential part of the summer time, keeping the home cool and comfortable no matter what the temperatures rises to on the outside. Therefore it is important to know if your air conditioning unit is in need of maintenance before anything serious happens to it. A few ways of knowing when your unit is about to go on the fritz include a lack of cooling, a change in the electric bill, and strange noises.

There may be many clues that your air conditioner is not functioning the way it should. All are indications that it may need to be fixed soon. If you turn your thermostat down, but the house persistently remains hotter than it should be, there may be a problem with the cooling units in your air conditioner. It may not be able to work as well as it should and cannot cool off the house. Be aware of how it is working in each room, so you can have some warning before it stops working.

Another indication that it cannot perform properly is if there is a sudden, unexplained spike in your energy bills. As air conditioners die, their efficiency goes down, so even if the rooms are still reaching the proper temperature, the machine may have to be working too hard to achieve that goal. Therefore, to catch these problems early on, it is best to be observant of how well the rooms are cooling off when the air conditioner unit is on, and to be aware of how much the electric bill should cost.

A third good clue that your air conditioner is struggling and will soon require maintenance is a change in the noise while it is working. Over time, you should be familiar with what it is “supposed” to sound like while it is running. If that noise changes and you start to hear odd clunks, bangs or other things which your ears tell you are “wrong”, trust those senses and call a technician. This may be a precursor to a big problem.

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