Water Leak Detection Services

If you notice a spike in your water bill or see water pooling in your home for no apparent reason, call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536! We’re experienced in finding and repairing leaks of all kinds. When accountability matters, call on us!


Leaks are a relatively common problem in plumbing due to old, worn parts or simply a malfunction in the system. When you think you have a leak, call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536! We’ll send a certified and experienced plumbing technician to take a look and find your leak!

Typical indicators of leaks

Most smaller leaks come from faucets and toilets. Toilets are the biggest culprit due to faulty and worn components. If you can hear the toilet running constantly, or find yourself having to jiggle the handle every time you flush to get it to operate correctly, there is a good chance it may be wasting water. If you are still unsure, a quick and easy test is to drop food-coloring into the back part of the toilet when it is not in use, then wait to see if the colored water comes out into the bowl.

Larger leaks, like ones that occur outside from pools and water service lines, can be much more difficult to detect and repair. For these outdoor leaks, look for pools of water or soft and muddy soil on days when there has not been any rain. Parts of turf where there is more, or greener growth, can indicate a leak as well.

The most common way that most people realize they may have a leak is by receiving an abnormally high water bill. This bill often comes as a shock to most people and can either mean you have a leak, or that more water was just used during that particular billing period.

What should I do?

Sometimes, it can be a shocker to find out how much irrigation systems can cost to run, but you can always compare the bill with local neighbors who have similar water use needs.

If it is determined that the bill is just outrageous, than there are a few steps you can take to find out if, and where a leak is occurring.

  • Find your home’s water meter and shut-off valve.
  • Turn off all water using devices inside the home and the water shut-off valve.
  • Record the numbers on the meter.
  • Wait twenty to thirty minutes.

If the numbers on the meter have gone up or something known as a “Leak Indicator” is spinning, then you definitely have a leak. If the numbers have risen substantially than there may be a leak in your water service delivery line.

Don’t chance overlooking a leak–call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536!