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10 Simple ways to Prepare your Commercial Area for Summer Heat

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Every commercial building will need the basics for the summer heat. These basics include the following:

  • air conditioning
  • power for the office equipment
  • lighting
  • other services that will enable you to stay in business

These bills will need to be paid in order to keep your commercial building open and in business. There are numerous ways that you will be able to save on your energy bill while assisting the overall environment. There are energy saving tips that will allow you to prepare your commercial building for the summer while saving on the energy bill.

Summer Heat Preparation Tips

There are many tips to offer that will prove to be simple ways to prepare your commercial area for summer heat. The following are the top ten:

1. Start with a tune-up on your heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system. (HVAC.)The tune-up will ensure that your system is highly efficient and in exceptional working order. This will ensure that it is in peak performance and will properly cool the commercial area. When it is tuned well then it will draw less energy. Ensure that you will have a nicely running system for the summer. When it is well maintained it will cool the commercial space well without wasting energy.

2. Prepare with fans. Get them ready to use this summer. Fans will assist in maintaining air movement. They will ensure that the space is a comfortable temperature. It will assist with humidity.

Indianapolis Energy Efficiency3. Check the window areas for direct sun. This will need to be controlled for the summer heat. Prepare by using shades or awnings. Be ready to have the sun blocked for the summer to ensure that the sun will not add to your commercial space and heat it further.

4. Replace the necessary air filters5. Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs; These will keep an area cooler while saving money on the energy bill

6. Ensure that you have summer maintenance planned for your HVAC system so that you will not have any trouble with your air conditioning this summer.

7. Buildings can be controlled through technology; HVAC, lighting, sprinkler systems and more can be maintained through the use of technology. This saves energy and money.

8. You may need to have a programmable thermostat added.

9. Ceiling fans installed will assist in cooling the area

10. New filters on the system will be beneficial.

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