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Maintaining the Garbage Disposal in Your Workplace

Does Your Workplace Have A Problem With The Disposal Unit?

A business can be similar to a home, in the fact that it has a kitchen or an eating area that allows everyone to eat and maybe even to wash their dishes afterward. The same kitchen in the workplace may have a refrigerator, a dishwasher, and even a garbage disposal unit.

Having a disposal unit in the workplace can be a lot more problematic than having one at home because more people will be using the unit. Even if it’s a small workplace that only has 10 -20 people working there, every single one of them may end up using the disposal unit at one point or another, which can lead to overuse of the unit, which can possibly result in breakdowns or even leaks coming from the unit.

Everyone should be informed on how they should use the unit, especially what they should not put into the unit. Those that do not respect the unit and choose to throw just anything inside the disposal may contribute to a leak as well as other problems. It’s wise to take certain precautions when it comes to a workplace disposal unit, which is something you may not have to do at home but should do at work if you want the unit to stay functional.

Precautions To Take

garbage-disposal_360The first precaution that should be taken to protect the disposal unit in a workplace is to make a list of items that shouldn’t go into the unit as well as items that can go into the unit. Telling people what they should and shouldn’t put into the disposal unit may not be enough, so placing this list where everyone can see it is a wise idea.

Another thing to do is to assign a particular person to maintain the unit, especially if it’s a small workplace that doesn’t have a lot of employees, so everyone will have to pitch in to keep the disposal unit clean. If the task of cleansing and refreshing the disposal unit falls to a different person each week or each day, then it should be that person’s job to check the unit for any leaks or cracks. If each person wrote down the condition of the unit when it was used last then it will be easier for everyone to keep up with the unit and know when a leak may have occurred.

If the unit breaks down, then it should be the responsibility of the person caring for the unit on that day to notate the breakdown as well as looking for ways to fix it or asking about a possible replacement of the unit. When everyone works together in a workplace, then it’s possible that the disposal unit can last for years in the workplace without having any leaks or needing replacement.

Check the Connections

If a leak happens to be discovered in a workplace disposal unit, then the connections have to be inspected as a possible. For future reference, check out each the areas listed below to see the common places that leaks typically originate from:

  • Dishwasher connection
  • Sink flange
  • Bottom of the disposal unit
  • Discharge drainpipe

garbage-disposal-connections_480Dishwasher Connection- Since there is a hose that leads to the dishwasher from the disposal unit, this hose can develop a leak, so the hose should be examined as well as the clamp, to determine if the clamp should be tightened or if the hose needs to be replaced.

Sink Flange - The job of the sink flange is to keep the garbage disposal connected tightly to the sink but there may be a couple of problems with the sink flange that causes it to start leaking. When water runs over the side of the disposal unit, then you'll know to replace the plumber's putty on the sink flange. There are also bolts that should be checked as well. The bolts are used to hold the unit to the sink flange, and any loosened bolts will allow water to leak through.

Bottom Of The Disposal Unit - Whenever there is water coming from the very bottom of the disposal unit, then the flywheel seal has become a problem due to wear and tear and should be replaced. Getting this part is easy enough, but replacement of the part may require some help by your local plumber.

Discharge Drain Pipe - The discharge drain pipe is attached to the disposal unit and should be kept very tight, but tightening the bolts and checking again for leaks should let you know if there is a leak present. If a leak is coming from this connection, then replacing the gasket is the solution to the problem.

Inspect for Possible Cracks

avoid-a-garbage-disposal-leak_720In a workplace, it may not be known who purchased appliances or items that are being used in the kitchen, such as the disposal unit, so only a select few people may know the history of the unit. If the disposal unit is rusting, then it’s likely that it may have cracks as well, so inspecting the unit for cracks should be something that’s done on a regular basis.

If there are cracks of any kind found, then determine if it can be fixed or if a replacement of the unit is necessary. With so many people using the unit on a daily basis, it may just be better to replace the unit instead of risking further cracks due to excessive use. Most people in the workplace that have a kitchen may not have any real plumbing experience, so insist on calling a plumber to fix anything that may be wrong with the disposal unit, especially if no one else can fix it.

It’s also a good idea to check connections frequently and make sure they’re tight. The smallest leak can lead to several large problems. If you think that your garbage disposal is leaking, then it’s always a good idea to get help from professional plumbers. We can diagnose and fix any leak.

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