by Zona on February 17, 2017

myth-or-factLet’s Disprove These Common Plumbing Myths

There are a multitude of myths in the plumbing industry. Many of which are costing homeowners thousands of dollars a year in home water costs. If you’re experiencing rising bills and you’re looking for a way to stop money from going down the drain, perhaps it’s time to look a little closer at the performance of your plumbing systems? To help guide you, we’re disproving a few plumbing myths in this latest post.

With Water Going Down the Drain, There’s No Clog

Many homeowners experience clogs in their plumbing systems that can prevent them from achieving optimal drainage. The clog could be related to oils that have been pushed down the sink. Or they could be related to hair that has made its way farther down into the system. Sometimes, these clogs can allow some water down into the piping. This doesn’t mean that there’s no clog. It simply means there’s a small gap allowing water past the area of the clog. The clog must still be removed by a professional plumber.

Creatures Cannot Swim Up Your Pipeleaking-faucet

While many people believe the idea of animals swimming up their toilet systems and frightening them in the night is simply an urban legend, there is truth to this old story. There are many types of creature that can find their way into your home plumbing system and then enter your home through the bowl of your toilet or your sink.

Creatures such as rats and mice are well known for their ability to crawl into sewer systems and into people’s homes. It’s important if you have a persistent clog that simply won’t go away that you call a specialist to resolve the problem. They can identify and remove any creatures that have found their way inside.

rats-in-pipesA Leaking Faucet Isn’t a Problem

While the home might not be in imminent danger as a result of a leaking sink, there is still a problem over the long-term. A leaking faucet could cause your water costs to rise by hundreds of dollars per year.

It might also mean that you’re not able to use the faucet effectively while you wait for the problem to be resolved. That’s why it’s so important you work with professional plumbers to fix your leaky sink.

Our trusted Indianapolis, IN team works with homeowners across the country to ensure their systems are working to peak efficiency. To learn more about the plumbing myths that are costing you money, call us, Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service, today at (317) 881-9536.

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