by Zona on December 22, 2016

Keep your Plumbing System Healthy to Enjoy Your Holiday Season

avoid-these-home-plumbing-headachesWhen you gather your friends and family close to enjoy your holiday traditions this season, the last thing that you want to worry about is if a plumbing emergency will threaten your plans. You take steps to take care of your own health because it is important.

By the same token, you’ve got to take steps to make sure that your plumbing is healthy too. Given the nature of the weather during the holiday season, there are some additional precautions to include.

Protect the Water Heater from the Cold

Cold weather threatens heat all over your home, and that includes your hot water supply. Having heated water flowing well can help heat your pipes from the inside out, preventing freezing. You can accomplish this easily by investing in water heater jacket. It is very easy to install and is effective in protecting it (and the water inside) from the cold.

Keep Your Home Appropriately Warm

There is no reason to keep your furnace on full force if you are traveling, but ensure that you don’t turn the thermostat too low. Never set it lower than 55°F, or you will be creating an environment perfect for frozen pipes.

Time to Switch on Shut-Off Valve

Pooling water in exterior faucets can freeze and make its way inside your home. To remedy this, remove hoses from faucets and drain water. From the inside, activate the shut-off valve, which will prevent water from entering your home from the outside. As an extra measure, winterize your faucets. They sell easy to install kits at most hardware stores.

water-hose-shut-off-valveCheck that Water Flows From Your Faucets

Inspect all of the faucets in your home to see if water flows freely or not. If you don’t see water flowing when you turn a faucet on, or if it is a small trickle, the culprit may be a frozen or otherwise damaged pipe. Call for support from your plumber.

Insulate Exposed Pipes from the Cold

Depending on how cold the temperature drops, your pipes might be vulnerable to freezing. At particular risk are pipes in exterior walls or pipes that are in areas of your home where the heat doesn’t access as easily (i.e. your basement, utility room or crawl space).

You can remedy this easily by wrapping the pipes in foam insulation. Another good trick is to wrap the pipes that carry the water from your hot water tank. You raise the water temp a couple of degrees, which can save you money on your bills.

Inspect the Sump Pump

It is essential that your sump pump is working well to save the day if you experience flooding. Flooding is common if you experience a burst pipe because it was frozen. Dump a couple of buckets of water in the sump resin. The pump should kick in right away to start draining the water. If it doesn’t, it’s time to get it fixed right away.

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