by Zona on March 24, 2017

It’s Time for Spring on March 20th!

spring-is-hereSpring is set to arrive on March 20th this year. This means rising temperatures and increased sunshine for the vast majority of people. For some, the spring brings its burdensome allergies. And so, to safeguard all members of the household and to ensure a safe and healthy spring season this year, we’re presenting a guide to mitigating dust build-up during the spring cleaning process.

Begin the Professional Cleanup Process

To start the spring cleaning work, ensure your home undergoes professional duct cleaning from experienced experts. The duct cleaning process can be a great way to remove the dust and dirt that has settled in the ventilation system over the winter months. Booking a cleaning service now can help ensure that all dust and dirt is removed ready for turning on the AC as the weather gets warmer. This can help limit the allergens in the air around your home in the coming months.

Vacuum Under Chairs and Desks

pet-allergensOne of the most common areas for dust and dirt to collect is the space in close proximity to seating. This means you should work to ensure areas by couches and desks are cleaned effectively while using the vacuum to pick up loose dust, pet hair or dirt in the space. And make sure that you move the furniture and vacuum underneath to truly remove all allergens from carpeting and hardwood. This process might take some time, but it can be essential to spring cleaning success over the coming months.

Focus on One Area at a Time

closed-windowA common mistake for homeowners to make during the spring cleaning process is to try and do too much at once. They try to clean several areas at the same time, without completing a comprehensive cleaning job in each space. This might mean that dust and other allergens remain throughout the home, even after cleaning. To complete thorough cleaning work, focus on one area of the property at a time and ensure the space is cleaned effectively.

Make Time-Efficient Choices

You might find that you have to wait for floors to dry and laundry to finish washing during your spring cleaning work. Making effective use of this time is important. Try to focus on other cleaning work while waiting for your laundry to be completed. For example, you might begin cleaning the laundry space and inspecting the air conditioning system while removing dust and other debris.

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