by Zona on December 25, 2015

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Anyone that has recently found themselves dealing with exorbitant heating bills should consider making the switch over to a radiant heating system. These heaters are popular for both commercial and residential pieces of property and provide owners with a number of amazing benefits.

Read ahead for a quick look at how this technology works and why you might want to upgrade your HVAC system.

Indianapolis Radiant Heating ServicesWhat Are Radiant Heaters?

Many older Indianapolis homes have forced air climate control systems. This means that an exterior unit heats up the air and then forces the warm air through the building's ducts.

Radiant heaters, on the other hand, do not actually blow hot air. Instead, they use infrared “light” to heat up the area in front of them. Most radiant heaters are installed in the walls or under the floor of a home and can be controlled with a thermostat.

They Work Instantly and Precisely

One of the biggest benefits of a radiant heater is the fact that they immediately heat up the area in front of them. Unlike convection heating systems that slowly heat the surrounding air, you will notice heat within just moments.

They also have the added benefit of being extremely easy to control. Instead of heating large zones throughout your home, they send heated particles exactly where you want them. After being installed, many homeowners will begin to notice a huge drop in their heating bills because of this efficiency.

They Are Silent and Safe

Many Indianapolis homeowners avoid forced air heaters because these systems collect an incredible amount of allergens and contaminants from the outside. Air filters will remove some of these contaminants, but families will often develop red eyes and itching throats when they use their heater for a long period of time.

Since radiant heaters do not move any air, there is no risk of pulling allergens such as dander into your home. Since there are no moving parts, they are virtually silent when being used, and this makes them ideal for bedrooms.

Finally, homeowners will be glad to hear that this technology has an incredibly long lifespan. Instead of changing out your HVAC system every 10 or 12 years, a radiant heating system could last for 50 years or longer.

Find out more about radiant heating and it's benefits for your Indianapolis home this season. Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical at (317) 881-9536 today.

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