by Zona on September 4, 2015

Energy Efficient Features of a Heat Pump

Each winter season your Indianapolis home heating system is more than likely costing you a fortune in energy costs. The older your heating system, the less efficient it runs because there have been some incredible strides in technology related to energy-efficiency.

Regardless the age of your Indianapolis heating system, switching to an electric heat pump will result in your lowering those costly energy costs and reducing your dependency on local power. Here are three energy-efficient features of a heat pump that will have a long-lasting positive impact in your home.

Indianapolis Heat-Pump-ServicesRuns More Quietly

The electric heat pump runs quieter than the traditional furnace for several reasons. The first is the compressor is installed outside of the home, adding a slight barrier between you and the noise.

The unit runs less often because it draws heat from the ground and from the atmosphere, then multiplying the amount and distributing it more evenly in every room of the house.

This process plays out less than the amount of times the furnace needs to turn on to try and maintain that desired indoor air temperature.

Uses Less Energy

Because the electric heat pump runs less times each day, it simply draws less energy. The unit makes use of a unique heating process that drains less resources to multiply heat than the furnace needs to make the same amount of heat.

Not only is the unit running less during the day and night, it has zero in the way of emissions that pollute the atmosphere.

This makes the electric heat pump a green alternative to energy hogging furnaces that drain from the limited natural resources and cost you more each month is higher utility bills. Less usage means lower bills, and the end result is less draw on the utility company.

Serves Double-Duty

One unique feature of the electric heat pump is that you can use it to help conserve energy in the summer months too. During the hottest time of the year, your home cooling system is working around the clock to remove heat and control the interior temperature.

That strain results in higher utility bills and more drain on the local power plant. The electric heat pump can be turned on during the summer to draw out heat from the house so the cooling system does not have to work as hard. By reducing the amount of heat in the house, you run your HVAC less often.

Get your Indianapolis home ready by installing a heat pump. Just call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical at (317) 881-9536 today, and get ready for the winter season.

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