by Zona on February 9, 2016

The Latest in Commercial HVAC Technologies

Climate control can become an expensive concern for commercial businesses and property owners. The newest equipment options and the most energy-efficient HVAC technology can provide you with the means to maintain a comfortable working environment while alleviating some of the strain heating and cooling costs may be placing on your overhead expenses.

Upgrading your Indianapolis HVAC system with high-efficiency appliances is often just the start when it comes to reducing your utility costs. Speaking with a qualified HVAC service technician regarding any of the following technologies and systems can be an important first step towards reducing your monthly costs.

Indianapolis, IN | Heating and Cooling System TechnologiesVariable Flow Volume (VFV) Systems

These highly flexible systems utilize multiple compressors and a ductless design to provide area-specific temperature control. Heating and cooling your entire workplace just to ensure a few select areas and environments are kept at the appropriate temperature can be both costly and wasteful. VFV systems provide a convenient and effective way to ensure the zoned temperature control needed to ensure occupant comfort with minimum electric usage.

Duct sealing

Ventilation ducts are often responsible for the unwanted heat-loss and transfer that can erode the efficiency and effectiveness of an entire climate control system. Duct sealing helps to reduce or eliminate leakage in order to curb energy waste.

Ensuring that regular duct inspection and sealing is performed as part of your regular HVAC maintenance efforts can go a long way towards ensuring your system is able to provide optimal performance and superior energy-efficiency.

Displacement Ventilation

This technology uses a low-velocity stream of fresh cool air to displace stale air and improve circulation and indoor air quality. The energy-saving potential provided by these systems varies depending on interior layout and climate.

HVAC Assessment, Maintenance and Installation Solutions

Speaking with the right Indianapolis professional is an important step for business and property owners seeking to benefit from the latest HVAC technology. Arranging for an assessment and inspection of your property and existing equipment provides much needed insight regarding any issues, problems and opportunities for improvement.

When it comes to keeping your operational costs as low as possible, investing in high-efficiency HVAC equipment and finding the maintenance and installation solutions that will allow you to reduce your monthly utility costs is never a concern that should be taken lightly.

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