by Zona on May 19, 2017

Professional Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prevent Expensive Repairs

If you have central heating and/or central air in your home, then you’re lucky enough to enjoy a stable, comfortable climate in your home all year round. The best part is, with a comprehensive HVAC system like this, you don’t need to do much to ensure that everything is in good working order throughout the year.

However, that doesn’t mean you can sit back and do nothing. As with any other complex piece of technology, such as an automobile, or a computer, your HVAC system occasionally needs a bit of care to ensure everything is working smoothly.

By taking the time to perform a few small caretaking chores, you can make sure that there are no big headaches in your future with a major, costly repair. Here’s what you need to do.

Get an Annual Tune Up

When both your heating and your air conditioning are working hard to keep you comfortable, it’s good to treat that system just like you would your own health and get an annual checkup.

Let the experts come in to gauge the condition of your system, such as whether your A/C needs more coolant, or if your furnace is still efficiently burning gas.

Only an expert can correctly inspect and diagnose these problems, and, while they’re there, they may do some extra tuning up on the units themselves, or perhaps your ventilation system.

Clear Your Condenser

The condenser of your home’s central air conditioning is the unit that sits outside the home. Because of this position, this sturdy piece of hardware needs to stand up to all the rigors of outdoor life, including rain, snow, ice and many other elements.

However, loose leaves and other debris can easily gather around the condenser and block the vents that are important for efficient, safe operation.

It’s always good to take the time once a month to do a quick inspection yourself around the condenser and clear out any debris you find so that it has clear, unobstructed air flow.

Checkac-filter & Replace Your Filter

Your furnace and A/C unit may share the same filtration system. Even if they don’t, it’s important to check the filters for these respective units to ensure they are clean.

While it’s recommended that you do this every quarter—or season—of the year, it’s a good idea to check at least once a month.

If you see that your filter is already showing some signs of being especially dirty, that means your furnace or A/C has been working particularly hard, and you may want to replace the filter early.

This is an easy enough step to do, and you can save yourself some time by simply buying enough filters in advance to keep in storage for the rest of the year.


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