by Zona on February 28, 2014

Knowing When to Call A HVAC Company to Repair Your Unit


Indianapolis HeatingHaving your heating unit go on the blink can be a very frustrating situation; especially, when it happens in the dead of winter. Fortunately, there are signs you should notice that will let you know your heating unit isn’t working correctly.

One of the first signs you may notice, is a strange smell coming from the unit. It may produce a bad smell which can indicate a number of issues. You have a clogged filter, a dirty vent, or dirty passages. It also may be using much more fuel than it should, which will not only raise your fuel bill, but this can be dangerous.

Heating units can also start to make strange noises, when they aren’t working right, or are about to go on the blink. You may notice that your blower fan isn’t turning on anymore. This is an indication of a problem and the system needs to be looked at and repaired. The unit may need something repaired or tightened, that is causing a noise. You don’t want to ignore strange, unusual, or noticeable noises. Ignoring noises can lead to complete failure of the system, which means having to replace it. That’s costly.

Another indication that your system is in need or repair or a tune-up, is when your unit runs longer than it should. You should pay attention to your unit when it’s working correctly, notice how long it runs, so that if it goes on the blink, you’ll recognize the signs of trouble, like, longer running times.

Has your unit not been putting out the kind of heat it used to, or should? You should always be conscientious of the amount of heat your unit puts out. If you notice any change in the amount of heat, this could be a real indication there are bigger problems. And remember, if you notice there is a problem with your unit, you should never put off calling a company to look and repair it. Letting your unit struggle through mechanical problems can most certainly make the problems worse. This can cause bigger problems, and cost you more money in the long run.

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