by Zona on June 27, 2014

Bathroom Repiping


RepipingA professional plumber should be the first choice in the repiping of a bathroom. There is no set period when a plumber should complete a repiping assignment. For even an experienced plumber, the length of time will be based on the existing plumbing network and the type of equipment that is being installed that the new piping will have to support. If basic plumbing equipment and fixtures are being installed then the repiping should be very straight forward. If exotic fixtures are being installed then more time may be needed to accommodate the completion of the repiping. The thought that additional plumbers will hasten the completion of work is flawed in that additional plumbers may only get into each other's way. An experienced plumber will know how to manage a repiping if he or she has the experience for the task.

If a business or residential owner has extensive customized bathroom furniture and fixtures, the length of time to complete repiping work will vary. Additionally, the age of the building where the repiping is proposed also plays a major role in the duration to complete repiping tasks.

Any owner can increase the likelihood of a faster repiping assignment by their contracted plumber if they take some basic prudent steps prior to formal engagement of the plumber. For example providing the plumber with the building history with copies of the building plans will enable the plumber to determine the age and type of existing plumbing that the plumber is dealing with. This could save an owner a signifiant amount of funds and may cause the owner to rethink the bathroom design plans.

Additionally, the plumber and the owner need to be on the same page regarding the nature and type of work that is to be contracted by the plumber. The extent of the proposed repiping must be detailed in an estimate to the customer or owner so there is no question as to the nature of the work to be performed. The last thing that an owner wants to see is a plumber tearing down a wall or pulling up pipes in an area of the the owner's house or business that the owner did not expect.

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