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Tips On Properly Maintaining Your Drains


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Not everyone will say it, but indoor plumbing is one of those little luxuries we not only enjoy, but have come to expect. And central to that indoor plumbing are good drains where water flows freely. These drains could be in your kitchen sink, the bathroom sink or tub, and even the toilet. In any of these areas a clogged drain can be truly upsetting to our daily lives, so it is important to know what steps are necessary in order to maintain your drains in the best possible condition.

It may seem obvious, but perhaps the most important way to maintain your drains is to watch what goes into it. This means scraping food plates completely into the garbage, even if you have a garbage disposal, and avoiding letting grease flow down the sink. Showers, tubs and sinks in the bathroom should have screens placed over the drain to avoid excess hair from falling down the drain. In toilets, use toilet tissue that is safe for septic systems, and don't try to flush other things.

If the drain does get clogged,chemical drain cleaners should be avoided. Even if they seem to work at the time, they can be causing expensive damage to your drains in the long run by eroding some types of drain pipes. The other problem with chemicals is that it does not completely remove the hair, grease, food which means you'll quickly find yourself wrestling with a clogged drain all over again.

A better option is to use a plumbers snake from the hardware store. These normally cost around $15 and can help with minor clogs better than chemical drain cleaners. If your manually operated plumbing snake isn't doing the trick, your plumber can come out and snake the drain for you, at the same time he can determine if your problem runs deeper than having some extra hair or food in the sink.

In some cases, keeping drains clear requires some professional help. Those with municipal sewers may have to deal with tree roots that can clog sewage pipes. Septic systems can also pose problems. However, hiring a plumber to come out every few years and perform drain maintenance, and doing your part to keep drains clear can keep things flowing for years to come.

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