by Zona on January 16, 2015

What Is The Importance Of A Properly Sized Furnace System?


What Are The Benefits?

When choosing an HVAC unit for your home, you most likely go to a contractor, and let them tell you what size unit you need. It's typical that a homeowner will use a contractor to choose a unit size, as well as do the work of installing the unit.

When you have the right sized unit for your home, then heating and cooling the home is never a problem. You can easily set the thermostat to cool and heat your home as necessary, and it's done adequately, because you have the right sized unit.

The benefit of having the right size unit, is having a home that stays warm in the winter, and the home stays cool in the summer months.

What Are The Drawbacks Of The Wrong Sized System?

If your home is still hot during the summer, even though you're running your unit, then there may be a problem of an oversized unit. The same goes for the winter time, if the home is staying cold.

When you depend on a contractor to determine the size of the unit your home needs, they may not use the right measurements, in order to determine the unit size requirements.

It's necessary for the contractor to go beyond the square footage of the home, in order to determine the size of the unit needed. There are other factors that can be used, in order to figure out what size unit would be good for your home.

If you have a unit installed that is too big for the home, you'll see that cooling and heating becomes a problem. Even though the thermostat is correct, it may cool the home for short periods of time.

When the home is not cooled long enough by the unit, the home is allowed to become humid, making it uncomfortable during hot weather. In the winter, the home may stay cold, because the unit has only been cycling for a short period of time.

Indianapolis Proper Furnace SizeWill I Save Money?

Ensuring that you have the right size furnace unit for your property will help you to save money. Not only will you save money because you've installed a new unit that conserves energy, the right sized unit will run less often.

Having the right sized unit for your home will ensure that it will only run when it's necessary. This way your home stays cool or warm as needed.

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