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Homeowners have many options for heating various rooms in their home. Most homeowners choose to a radiant heating system that is installed in the floor. This is an easy option for new home construction or when a homeowner decides to remodel their bathroom. Radiant heating is a comfortable and efficient type of heating when the system is installed correctly. The installation of a new radiant heating system needs to be done by a professional plumber.


A radiant heating system can be installed many ways. Most times a new system is added to a bathroom when a new floor is being installed. The system is placed on the floor prior to installing any tiles. At Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service, we’ve been providing realistic and creative options to help homeowners install hydronic heating and radiant heating.

The two most common types of radiant heating require electricity or require the use of water. If water is used for radiant heat, then a hydronic system is installed. This system will have a boiler or some other source of hot water that is being circulated through tubing. The tubing will be on the floor and covered by the finished floor. A pattern is used to ensure the entire floor is heated. Making an adjustment to the temperature is done by a thermostat that is installed on a nearby wall.

Modern radiant heating systems will use PEX tubing which will be embedded in the floor. Heat comes up through the floor as hot water circulates through the tubing. This is similar to how radiators work in homes with a boiler for heat instead of a furnace. The biggest benefit to this type of system is the floor is warn to the touch is not cold when outside temperatures begin to drop. Heat radiating from the floor helps to eliminate drafts and any cold spots that were once a problem.

Increased heating efficiency!

A hydronic radiant heating system is a great way to achieve a comfortable home. This system is a great way to be more energy-efficient. Most homeowners see their heating costs reduced up to 25 percent or more when a radiant heating system is being used. If a radiant heating system is used instead of hot air, then allergies and illnesses are often reduced. Radiant heat does not blow hot air that could have dirt or other contaminants. There is also no longer a need to replace an air filter or have ducts cleaned.

Old style radiant heating systems required radiators to be installed in various rooms of a home. Radiant systems today are typically installed in the floor where heat will rise up to the ceiling. This eliminates a risk that would exist if a radiator was in use. A radiator will get hot and can easily cause burns to young children. Radiant heat is also quiet as no noise is heard.

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