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Your heating and cooling system typically accounts for about one half of the total energy costs within a home or business. Whenever owners neglect the proper heater repair and maintenance of their heating and cooling system, energy costs can actually increase. The reason behind this increase would be the fact that the heating system is not running efficiently overtime. In addition to this, neglecting the heating system maintenance can also decrease the lifespan of the heating equipment. This will lead to the need to have the heating equipment replaced earlier than what was expected. Thus, it is important to have a regular heater maintenance schedule. This is considered a cost effective and smart solution for homeowners.

Stick to A Regular Maintenance

Heater repair and maintenance should be performed on a regular basis. Generally, it is advisable that this is performed once every year before the heating season starts. If ever the heating system comes with a cooling system, a second maintenance check is also necessary before the start of the cooling season. It is essential that regular maintenance of the heater is performed by a professional and reputable service provider. This will ensure that the heating system is at its pristine working condition. A reliable service provider will also be able to determine whether or not the system needs any repair or replacement of its parts before it malfunctions.

Regular Maintenance Leads to Having Lower Energy Costs

It has been identified that the energy costs can be reduced by 30% to 35% when proper heater maintenance is performed regularly. According to Energy Star, neglect and dirt can actually cause the heating system to run less efficiently, and this can eventually lead to system failure. Basically, heating systems that becomes blocked due to dirt or that are not properly functioning due to broken parts will work harder to keep the room temperature at the comfortable level. This will mean that the system will make use of more energy to perform its functions. In addition to this, the system parts will wear out sooner. Ensuring that all the dirt and debris are removed and the components or parts of the system are properly functioning is essential to allow the heating system to run more efficiently. Energy efficient heating systems can lower the energy costs and reduce utility bills.

Ensure Safety With Regular Heater Maintenance

Another important reason why heating maintenance needs to be performed is safety. Faulty heating systems can become health hazards and fire hazards. Broken heaters can have carbon monoxide leaks. This is a serious health hazard and can be fatal. In addition to this, loose electrical connections in broken heaters can become a fire hazard. Basically, broken heaters can put the safety of the people living in the home in jeopardy.

Sticking to a regular heater repair and maintenance schedule must be a priority for every homeowner. Moreover, hiring a reputable service provider is also necessary to ensure that the heating system is properly maintained, and it is always on its tip top working condition. We at Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service can definitely help you with this. We offer annual maintenance service plans that are aimed to prevent breakdowns, promote safety, prevent property loss, maintain property value, and extend equipment life. Call us today at (317) 881-9536!

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