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Heat pumps are an extremely popular and efficient way to heat and cool a home. With proper and regular maintenance by a trained professional, a well cared for heat pump can provide a home with efficient and economical heating and cooling for years. Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service has been servicing heat pumps since 1965; count on us for friendly, reliable service with a smile!

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps work like a reversible air conditioner. According to the outside temperature, the unit is either blowing heated air into or out of the house. A valve inside the unit causes the flow of refrigerant to reverse its course when the thermostat changes from air conditioning to heat and vice versa.

Most heat pumps are comprised of both an outdoor and indoor unit. The outdoor unit rests inside a housing and contains the outdoor coil, compressor, fan and reversing valve. The indoor unit contains the blower, an auxiliary heating element, the indoor coil, filter, humidifier and drain pan. Heat pumps are different from regular furnace and air conditioner combined units because they contain an auxiliary heating coil. The extra heating coil serves as a backup in extremely cold conditions in case the regular system’s heating portion is unable to keep up with the demand for heated air.

What Are the Different Types of Heat Pumps?

The air source heat pump is the most common type available on the market and uses electricity. It comes as both packaged, or one unit, and as a split system. Packaged heat pumps have all the components together as one unit. Both the heat exchangers and compressors are contained under one outdoor housing unit. Split system heat pumps are more commonly used than their counterpart.

Dual fuel heat pumps are comprised of both a gas furnace and and electric heat pump. The gas furnace portion of the system serves as a back up in the winter when the electric heat pump may not be able to keep up with heating demands. It substitutes the auxiliary coil found in air source units.

Geothermal heat pumps work in the same way as air source heat pumps in the way that they move heat rather than produce it. This system uses the ground or water to take in or disperse the heat. Geothermal heat pumps most often use water to transfer heat from one area to another. Pipes are laid underground or deep in water and in summer, water is used to move the heated air from the unit into the ground. In the winter, contained heat is dispersed in the home through the house’s duct system.

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Heat pumps are an excellent and efficient way to heat and cool the home. It is important that regular maintenance of heat pumps is scheduled with a professional like Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service in order to keep the system in good order and running efficiently. Customers can rest easy knowing the maintenance and repair of their home’s most important appliance is in good hands when they use professional services. We employ only the highest qualified service technicians. Call us today at (317) 881-9536!

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