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The furnace in a residential home is designed to provide heat during the winter. This unit can also have an air conditioning unit installed. One thing homeowners need to do is make sure the unit is ready once cold weather arrives. This often means performing preventative maintenance and making any repairs if any problems are found. The professional at Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service can perform a checkup of a residential furnace and ensure the unit is in good working order.

Keep an eye out for signs repair is needed!

Ensuring a furnace is working properly requires a company that can get the job done right. The process starts with an inspection of the system to determine if there are any signs of wear. We then check all the ducts to make sure they are clean and provide sufficient air flow. If a system is not functioning properly when being used, then there may be a malfunction or minor problem that needs to be fixed. This is why we are available for routine maintenance and any emergency repairs.

Homeowners often call us for repairs when their furnace stops working. However, there are often many warning signs a homeowner can water for to know when a potential problem may exist. This means the problem can be fixed before it develops into a an expensive repair. Examples of warning signs are loud noises, insufficient and insufficient heat. If a homeowner suspects a problem with their furnace, then an experienced technician will need to come out and examine the unit.

One obvious sign of a problem is when a homeowner see a spike in energy bills when using the unit. If energy bills have suddenly increased during the winter, then the furnace is using more energy. This is a sign the unit is working harder than necessary. A furnace that is working too hard is less efficient and is likely have parts wear out sooner. Most homeowners may not think there is a problem since their home feels comfortable. A bigger problem often develops over time along with increased energy bills when a furnace is not running correctly.

Another sign of a potential problem is when homeowners hear strange noises when the furnace is on. A homeowner should also check to make sure the unit is not running longer to maintain a set temperature on the thermostat. If strange noises are heard, then a part may be going bad. Strange noises are often an indication of a vibration caused by a worn part, such as the fan on the blower. Regular maintenance will be able to determine if any parts or worn and need to be replaced.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

Increased efficiency and energy savings are the two main benefits of furnace maintenance. There is also the quality of the air in a home that will benefit. Dust and other pollutants in the home are trapped in the filter. If the filter is not changed when it is dirty, then air quality and efficiency suffers. A regular furnace checkup will also include checking the air filter. Changing the air filter is very simple and something every home and business owner should do!

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