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Boilers, like most appliances, are on their own schedule and problems often crop up at inconvenient times. When you need quick, professional service, call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536 24/7! We’re commercial and residential boiler service experts.

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Boilers are one of the most energy-efficient and reliable ways to heat your home or business. Today, most new homes lean toward central heating though, so it can sometimes be difficult to find someone to provide both reliable and cost effective boiler services. Boilers are also infamous for needing costly repairs. If you live in the Indianapolis area, Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service can provide a range of boiler repairs as well as boiler installation. Our professional and experienced technicians can handle the most common boiler issues including:

  • leaking steam vents

  • banging sounds coming from pipes

  • high and low pressure issues

  • boiler not heating adequately

We’ll keep you warm!

It can be awful if your boiler stops working in the middle of winter, leaving you without heat. Boilers, like everything else, do not last forever. If your home is older and your boiler is also getting up there in age, then it is more likely to begin suffering various issues simply from wear and tear from use. Boilers are a hardworking piece of equipment that works even harder the colder it is. Especially for older boilers, routine inspections are vital to ensure that it is going to make it through winter. Annual inspections are a great type of preventative maintenance and they will also protect your family from dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning caused by gas leaks. If you find that you are regularly repairing small boiler issues then it may be time for you to consider having a new boiler installed.

As a homeowner you should be aware of how your boiler normally functions and be conscious of any changes in how it is working. Even the slightest change can indicate that something is wrong with your system. With boilers, small problems can quickly turn into large problems that can ultimately be very expensive. Our technicians are equipped to handle most any issues and if we find that your boiler cannot be repaired we can also replace and install a new one.

Noises coming from your boiler can indicate that there is iron or sludge building up inside. Buildups can cause uneven water distribution, which in turn can make the boiler inefficient, driving up your energy costs or it can cause the entire boiler to overheat and shut down. If you are noticing a lot of black soot, rust or corrosion in your boiler then it is also time to call in a professional because it will need to be cleaned or it can lead to heat loss. If you notice water pooling at its base then it means your boiler is leaking. Leaks can indicate that the unit is on the verge of failure, depending upon what is leaking. Letting a small leak go for too long can also skyrocket your energy costs.

Never hesitate to contact Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service if you suspect you may have a boiler issue. Our highly trained technicians will answer any of your questions and provide you with the most affordable prices for boiler services.

Circulation pumps

Used in an array of residential and light commercial systems, circulator pumps (also known as circulation pumps) basically decrease the amount of water which can be wasted in a home or improve the functionality of a hot water heater. They were created to mix liquids in open and closed heating systems which include hydro-air coils and domestic hot water recirculation.

Not only is a circulator pump used for hot water and cooling structures but also for those needing chemicals to be combined into the fluid, as exists with pool and spa pumps. For many types of hot water heating devices, water is heated by a boiler and then distributed throughout all the rooms of a building. After returning from its original source, the water goes back through the boiler via the pump.

For swimming pools the water is distributed about an hour for every 24 hours, so the strength and sizing of the pump relies upon the volume of the pool itself. Chlorine is circulated within this pool pump also.

Circulator pumps can be constructed from cast iron which is used for a closed-loop hydronic system, while bronze and stainless steel are generally used in closed or open loop system. For speed you are looking at factory setting speeds which are continuous for single speed circulator pumps, and are dependent upon the system’s design (such as flow or length) for their particular application. Relying on the pumps label, a 3-speed circulator pumps outside switch will permit a pump setting at various speeds such as speed 2 or 3 or from low to high speeds.
In homes, circulator pumps are usually small in size and horsepower. These have sealed units and you will find the motor rotor, pump impeller (which rotates) and support bearings held and sealed within the water circuit. Commercial devices obviously are larger with much horsepower with its electric motor unattached from the pump body itself.

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