by Zona on December 18, 2015

The Top Plumbing Myths

There are many myths related to plumbing, and many of them are widely believed. When it comes to plumbing, separating fact from fiction can be challenging. In fact, some of the things that are commonly believed as plumbing fact are actually myths. These five things are very commonly held beliefs, but they are all false.

Indianapolis plumbing_servicesThe Invention Of The Toilet:

Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet. The toilet was actually invented significantly before Thomas Crapper. However, Thomas Crapper did make some changes to the toilet. These changes helped to make it more readily accessible to the average person.

When his changes to it caught on, many people had flush toilets installed in their Indianapolis homes. Of course, Thomas Crapper became quite famous at the time for his involvement in the toilet industry. This led to the erroneous belief that he actually invented the toilet.

Other Toilet Myths:

One common toilet myth is that toilet cleaning tablets with bleach will keep a toilet sparkling clean, as long as the tablet is in the toilet. This is actually a myth, and it is one that has the potential to destroy your Indianapolis home toilet. Bleach has corrosive properties, because it is a strong base. Yes, you can use bleach to clean a toilet.

However, it should be flushed down the toilet within 10 minutes. To cause destruction of the toilet, the bleach tablet would have to be left in the toilet for about 6 months. However, slowly but surely, leaving toilet cleaning tablets with bleach in for too long will ruin your toilet.

The other pervasive toilet myth is that they flush in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere, due to the rotation of the Earth. This is not true. The rotation of the Earth does cause wind currents and ocean currents to flow in different directions. However, a toilet is far too small for this to have any impact on it. The direction that a toilet flushes depends entirely on how the toilet is built, not where it is located.

Garbage Disposal Myths:

One common misconception is that you can put virtually anything down a garbage disposal. It is true that the blades are very sharp, and the rotation is very powerful. However, a garbage disposal can also easily clog. You actually have to use caution with what you put down the garbage disposal.

Another myth is that putting lemon peels down the garbage disposal is good, because it smells good. While it may smell good, this has the potential to lead to a clog. Peels should not be put into a garbage disposal, because they tend to cause clogs.

There are many myths related to plumbing. These five are only some of the commonly held myths about plumbing. There are many more, but this touches on some of the five most commonly held misconceptions.

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