by Zona on October 9, 2015

5 Home Winterization Tips

When if comes to preparing for winter, do you think about the pipes in your Indianapolis home? Most people do not, and that can be a big problem for you, your home, and your budget. And you need to think of this now instead of waiting until it gets extremely cold.

Indianapolis Winterization Tip ServicesMany people believe that pipes burst at the point when water freezes, but that is incorrect. Pipes burst somewhere between the freeze and a closed faucet such as a kitchen faucet or washing machine.

Once pressure builds because of blockage by ice build up, the water has nowhere to go except the pipe walls. This leads to extensive water damage. There are several steps that you can take ensure that this does not happen to you.

Pipe Insulation

When outside temperatures drop to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below, freeze damage of your pipes is more susceptible. One way to a avoid damage to pipes is to insulate them.

Adding a thick layer of insulation around your pipes will keep the temperature warmer than without. Pipes in all unheated areas are most likely to freeze. To wrap the pipes properly, you should measure the outside diameter of the pipes. The best insulation to use is either polyethylene or fiberglass.

Letting the Faucet Drip

Turning the faucet onto a small, steady drip on the exterior walls eliminate the pressure that builds when pipes begin to freeze. Even if the pipe does freeze, it may not burst. All sink base cabinets on any exterior wall allows more heat to reach the pipes.

If you have any cracks or holes on any of the exterior walls or the foundation, these need to be fixed simply by filling the holes and cracks with spray foam insulation or caulking can help stop cold air from coming into contact with the pipes.

Additional Spaces to Cover

Indianapolis homes with ventilated crawl spaces should also be sealed against cold weather. Using heavy duty cardboard over vents, cut to fit, can aide in keeping the cold air out of your home and assist in keeping the pipes from freezing.

Also, if you have a basement, you want to look for cracked basement windows. Cold air can enter here too. Checking for missing or worn insulation in the garage and utility doors as well. Checking over every aspect of your home will save you time and money in the long run.

Winter is almost upon us in the Indianapolis area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical at (317) 881-9536 today!

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