by Zona on August 14, 2015

Stay Vigilant To Spot Hidden Leaks

Hidden water leaks are absolutely awful. They can wreak havoc on any persons home. This is because they are so sneaky. Water leaks can spring up in basically any room in the home and cause a lot of damage.

Most people don't notice them because it's small signs to look out for. But, once someone knows the signs to a hidden water leak, they'll be able to spot them quickly and get them fixed!

Indianapoilis Plumbing ServicesA Foul Odor in Your House

One of the quickest ways to tell is the odor. This is especially true for those with a sensitive nose. The smell of a hidden water leak is very distinct. It will make your Indianapolis home smell old and musty. If your home has no reason to smell that way then it's a god sign that there is a water leak lurking somewhere.

Lurking Stains Around Furniture

Stains is another thing to keep an eye out for. If there are mysterious stains on ceilings, floors, and walls then it could be a sign that a hidden water leak is there.

Water can accumulate in those spots causing a dark blob to appear. These are generally pretty easy to spot because they'll creep up after nothing was there before. Get these spots checked out immediately.

Another way to check for a water leak is to look at your faucet. If your Indianapolis faucet has come loose then it could potentially because of the water build up caused it to separate apart. A quick fix can come from spotting this right away.

Examining the Floors of Any Dampness

Looking down at the floors is another key way to spot a hidden water leak. If a person has tiled floors and the tiles come loose this could because water was hiding underneath and caused the tiles to push apart. If a person has wood floors or carpet they can also monitor it for stains and for the musty smell.

Finally, check the toilet. If the toilet seems loose and wobbly then it could be because of a hidden water leak. A wobbly toilet is a sign that someone is able to notice right away because it's not right.

Overall, leaks are easy to spot if someone knows where to look. Leaks can prevent homeowners huge costs in repairs. Sometimes these signs go together and therefore make it easier to spot them. Home owners should constantly be vigilant for these occurrences that could potentially cost them heavy repair fees. Those can be avoided.

Don't be submerged by the water in your Indianapolis home. Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical at (317) 881-9536 today, and get that water leak fixed now!

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