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Commercial Boilers 101

Indianapolis BoilerA commercial boiler is designed and used to heat commercial, industrial as well as multifamily residential dwellings.

A commercial boiler heats water by using special fuel sources, which are normally (natural gas or oil), to generate steam or hot water. The heated steam or water is then circulated through fan coils, baseboards or radiators.

Most modern commercial boilers will require at least two or more maintenance service reviews every year. During these maintenance calls, the following items should be checked.

Checklist for a Properly Working Boiler

1. The Burner: check that all electrical connections related to the boiler are secure. Wires should be checked for overheating, and any evidence of a hardened or melted wire is a danger sign that a more serious issue is present.

2. Checking the flue passage. The flue passage will indicate if the boiler is properly burning. Evidence of soot in the flue passage system may mean that the boiler may have insufficient combustion air. Moisture in the vent pipe however, may mean that the boiler system is running a bit cool.

3. Inspection of the vent pipe should include the examination of any powdery, white residue as a result of condensation occurring in the vent. This residue can be extremely acidic and can easily eat through vent pipe materials.

4. Check the boiler’s flame sensing rods to ensure that they are properly gapped.
Outside of the burner chamber, the fans and blowers should be checked for any buildup of dust or dirt on the fins.

5. The boiler’s block valve will need to be checked to see if they need to be bled.
Inspection of the boiler’s combustion air proving switches.

6. Examination of the flue gasses should be done as the boiler’s burner is running, but after the commercial boiler has reached its full operating temperature.

Indianapolis Boiler Services7. The oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, levels must be monitored for their presence in the flue and for verification of proper levels.

One will not always be able to see the flame so a tool called a “combustion analyzer” can effectively test and adjust sealed or blocked combustion boilers. An improper adjusted burner may cause the unit to run unclean which will foul the combustion chambers.

The owner of a commercial boiler should have a regular maintenance schedule designed to check at least the elements referenced above. By doing so the owner of the commercial boiler will ensure the smooth operation of the boiler unit and cut down on repair calls.

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