by Zona on January 15, 2016

Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Water Usage

Use The Garbage Disposal Less

A garbage disposal can get rid of solid foods that can go down the drain, but the garbage disposal requires water to get rid of this food. You can find yourself using many gallons of water per week, depending on how much food you’re throwing down into the garbage disposal. If you use the garbage disposal less, then you’ll use less water to get rid of the foods, which will then conserve water in your Indianapolis home.

Indianapolis,IN Plumber water-usage-tipsservicesWater After Sundown

Watering the plants and the lawn can be very important, especially in places where the sun is always hot. Those that want to keep their grass green and their plans growing need to water at the right time, which is after sundown.

Watering before sundown means the water will eventually evaporate, and it makes the whole point of watering useless. It’s best to wait until after the sun goes down to water the lawn and plants, so you’ll get the best results and the most use out of the water.

Turn The Faucet Off

If you’re ever doing any type of hygiene at the sink, don’t leave the faucet running while you’re doing it. Many will brush their teeth or wash their hands and leave the faucet running, and this is something that shouldn’t be done. Turn off the faucet until you completely lather your hands with soap, brush your teeth or shave, and then you can turn the water back on.

Bathe Children Together

Households with several children may bathe each child separately, even if they are young children. It may be best to bathe small children together, especially if you want to save water. Run a shallow bath, and bathe the children in the same bath water, either separately or all at once, so you won’t have to keep running new water for each child. This method can save a tremendous amount of water, especially for households with several children.

Take A Shower

Everyone knows that bathtubs will take up a lot of water, but few know exactly how much water a bath can take. There are baths that average around 50 gallons, and some baths are 70 gallons or more. Imagine the amount of water being used for each bath when tubs are this size. It’s best to skip the bath if you want to save water, and just take a shower. Following all these steps will help you save water (and money) in your Indianapolis home.

Put savings in your pocket by cutting the water use in your Indianapolis, IN home. Call Griesemer Mechanical today at  (317) 881-9536 to see what you can do!

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