by Zona on August 22, 2014

Why changing your air filter is essential to your AC unit


Indianapolis AC MaintenanceMost people understand that it is important to change their air filters, but most don't change the filters on their heating and air conditioning systems as often as they should. Your air conditioning system can be much more sensitive to the effects of a dirty filter than your heating system can be, so it is very important to change your filter monthly during air conditioning season. This is just one of several reasons why timely changes of the air filters is important.

Another reason to check and replace air filters is reduce energy costs in your home. When you don't change your air filters on time, you are increasing your chances of straining your HVAC system, consuming more energy expenses. This important maintenance keeps your system running efficiently and helps to avoid future breakdowns. Air conditioning units work very hard, especially in the summer in warm climates. This means that lots of dust gets filtered through upping the potential for clogged filters. And in more humid climates, air conditioners have to work hard to cool and dry out the air. With all this extra energy being used, it is especially important to keep clean air filters installed to conserve energy and save money.

Indianapolis Air Filter ReplacementMaintaining great air quality is another reason that air filters should be changed on a regular basis. Dust, dirt, allergens, hair, and other particles that float in the air are caught in air filters. If too much of these particles get caught in your filter for too long, the quality of the air will suffer. This is bad news for people who are especially sensitive to allergens in the air. Just by the simple act of regularly changing the air filters, you can improve air quality and overall quality of life in your home.

One other important reason to change your air filter on a regular basis is because a dirty air filter increases your carbon footprint. Changing your filter reduces the amount of energy your home uses so it’s an easy and inexpensive way to be environmentally responsible.

Timely air filter replacement is a simple way to extend the life of one of the most expensive systems in your home. It is also an easy way to keep your family healthy and happy while also conserving energy.

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