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What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


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There are many people who believe that cleaning their own drains at home is an effective and budget-conscious way to do it. However, there are several dangers that could be involved in this seemingly simple chore.

Types of Drain Cleaning Solutions:

Most dangers in drain cleaning are the many choices of types of cleaning solutions that are available on the market.

They come in various forms such as alkaline that contain potassium or sodium hydroxide. Others are acidic drain cleaners that have concentrated sulphuric acid.

The typical chemicals in common household products include lye and bleach in their ingredients. These products can effectively unclog drains at the top of the opening, but they usually don't clean the tighter clogs that are further down the pipe where no one can see.

The Dangers of the Chemical Solutions:

Although these chemicals are quite common in every day cleaning products, they are also dangerous to use. Plumbing systems, kitchen and bathroom fixtures can be seriously damaged when these chemicals are used on them.

The chemicals are so strong that they can create corrosion in the pipes, and do damage to different materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, wood and even paint.

More serious dangers are the ones that can cause health hazards. These chemicals are so strong that they can cause burns, respiratory system inflammation and even blindness. If small children or pets are in the home, there is also a danger of taking these chemicals into the mouth. It may not even be safe to store these chemicals in the home.

Indianapolis Drain Cleaning Services What Are the Options?

Anytime a drain or drains get clogged, the best thing to do is to call a plumbing professional. They have all of the chemical solutions that are needed, and will use them in a safe and efficient manner without causing any damage.

The professionals could also use mechanical methods to remove the toughest and deepest clogs that the chemicals alone wouldn't be able to dissolve.

It is safest for the entire family as well as the home itself to have an expert do the job.

Are your pipes all clogged up in your Indianapolis home? If you're having trouble, give Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical a Call at (317) 881-9536, so we can get down to the root of the problem.

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