by Zona on May 8, 2015

5 Tactics to Handle and Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

Indianapolis Air Quality1. Vacuum Your Problems Away

One of the best ways to eliminate air pollution in your home is using your vacuum to suck up the mess. Using the long arm attachment that comes standard with most vacuum cleaners is the best approach to reach those hard-to-reach cracks and areas that collect dust and pollen.

Another area to be cognizant of when you're vacuuming is the top side of your ceiling fan. This area is loaded with dust and mildew that can lead to long-term air pollution.

2. Make People Smoke Outside

The simple fact is that smoking is one of the deadliest habits an individual can have. The toxins emitted by the second hand smoke are harmful and life threatening to people around them even more so than the smoker.

From this point forward, make your household a smoke-free zone and make individuals go outside. This tactic not only eliminates harmful pollution from the air, it can also prevent cancer and asthma flare-up's in the long run.

3. Stop Using Fragrances

Although citrus and pumpkin spice fragrances smell good, they're a large contributing factor to air pollution within your home. These fragrances are jam packed full of different chemicals that are released into the air stream and ultimately your lungs.

As a means to eliminate the use of fragrances, open up the house when the weather permits and allow the natural scent to come inside. This outdoorsy smell cannot be replicated by the store-bought fragrances that line the shelves of supermarkets.

4. Pet Control

Indianapolis Indoor PollutionWe all love our pets, don't we? The only downside to owning a pet, despite them being so cute and distracting us, is the accumulation of hair.

Pets shed on a daily basis and this pet hair can create air pollution within your space. A tactic that needs to be implemented is limiting certain areas in which your pets are not allowed to sit.

For example, limit your pet's lounging areas to the floor, their kennel, and the tile or wood areas of your home.

5. Air Filters

The last technique of eliminating indoor air pollution is purchasing an air filter. Air filters act as a purification system for your air - eliminating all pollution.

This investment will end up saving you money in the long run that you would have otherwise spent on allergy medication.

Make sure you're breathing in the fresh air in your Indianapolis home. Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical at (317) 881-9536, and get the experts to solve the problem.

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