by Zona on December 11, 2015

Burning Furnace Smell

Your Indianapolis furnace is always there, dependable year after year. It's only when it stops working or malfunctions in some way that in some way that people become concerned.

Many persons have noticed a burning smell coming from their furnace and truthfully, most of them ignore it However, ignoring the smell can bring tragedies. As an HVAC person can tell you, never ignore this smell.

Indianapolis Furnace-Repair-ServicesHeating is the second cause of fires in the US and any smell coming from your heater should be checked. First, turn off your furnace and inspect it for signs of fire.

If there is a fire just exit quickly and once outside call 9-1-1. If there is no fire simply call your HVAC person, but these smells can mean something is wrong. Let's look at three of the most common causes for that irritating odor.

Your Blower Is Malfunctioning

The furnace blower is how the heat comes out of the vent into your Indianapolis room, it also acts to keep the furnace from overheating. However this mechanical part can stop working while the main portions of the furnace continues to work. When this occurs the furnace can overheat and ignite. Check for a fire and follow the instructions given above.

Dust In The Furnace Unit

This is the most common cause of a burning smell, many people assume this is the cause of the burning smell and choose to ignore it. It happens frequently and for the most part does not result in a fire.

It's caused when the unit has not been used for a length of time. Dust and dirt can build up inside the furnace unit, and when the furnace is first turned on the debris ignites and safely burns off. That is, usually.

On a rare occasion the debris can leave an oily residual inside the unit, and this can start a fire. It's rare, but it does happen. So don't just assume it's okay. If it is then you can open and doors if you find the odor bothers you. In order to prevent this possible cause of fire an HVAC company should be contacted seasonally before the unit is turned on. Regular maintenance and cleaning can easily rid you of this issue.

The Dirty Filter

The above cause is easily eliminated, just change the filter monthly. Sadly, many of us get busy and forget to do this. Most persons don't understand the importance of the filter in forced air furnaces.

It's main function is to clean the air, it removes pollen, mold spores, pet dander and much more. It helps us all breath easier, but if you don't change it for long periods the filter can stop the flow of hot air out of the unit and into the room.

Usually this just requires a quick filter change to correct. Once in a great while though the unit will overheat and cause a fire. If you find you have trouble remembering when to change it, try doing it on a day you can remember, such as the first or last day of the month. You can also write it on a calendar you consult regularly. Keep these causes in mind and stay safe this winter.

Is your furnace in smelling up your Indianapolis home? Call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical today at (317) 881-9536, and get that foul odor out of your home.

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