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Humidifiers Installation and Repair in Indianapolis

Humidifiers are an integral addition to your HVAC system! While a furnace in the winter time is a great appliance system to have, it does not create humidity in the air. In fact, a heating system decreases the humidity in the air by heating and drying the air of all available moisture! Many times people might suffer from increased allergies, a dry throat or nasal passages, or even be prone to getting sick more often; some viruses thrive better in environments where the air is dryer. Another common complaint is that dry air can cause major static electricity shocks, and can be painful at times. If these are common complaints of yours, just call Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service at (317) 881-9536!

Where can a humidifier be added?

Humidifiers are installed to your existing HVAC system. When a humidifier is used in conjunction with a furnace heating system in the winter or an AC unit in the summer, people will also notice that their utility costs aren’t as much. The reason for this is that the unit will not have to run as long when the air has more moisture in it.

People might have chapped skin, dry lips, or commonly have very itchy skin with low humidity in the winter; while it’s important for people to increase the humidity in their home, they don’t want to raise the moisture content too high, as this can result in an environment reminiscent of a steamy jungle. Taking the right steps in consulting professionals that deal with humidifier systems is most beneficial to you, so you are able to maintain proper humidity levels in your home.

How humidifiers work

Our professorial HVAC technicians at Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service, are able to install standard type humidifier units, on up to ultrasonic, or steam humidifiers. A basic style humidifier unit consists of a base piece along with a channeling wick, and fan.

A reservoir holds the purified water in which will be turned into a water vapor before it is emitted into the home. Typically, a humidifier unit is connected to the heating and cooling system of a building, so that the water vapor is introduced into the air flow.

Easily adjust humidity levels

A humidifier home system also gives you the control to adjust the humidity level as needed. A good general overall rule to follow is to adjust the humidity levels to around 45 percent in the summer months; this will create an ideal environment where the air is not too dry. However, in the winter time, an ideal setting for the humidity in the home is typically lower than 45 percent to ensure the air has proper moisture levels.

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