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Is your indoor air uncomfortably humid and stuffy? Too much humidity can make your house feel dirty and musty and may also exacerbate some health issues you may already be suffering from. In order to keep your home or business healthy and comfortable, you should use a quality dehumidifier for controlling the humidity levels inside! Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service can help you choose, install, and repair dehumidiers.

Benefits of dehumidifers

  • With the installation of a dehumidifier, you house will smell fresh and clean, allowing your family to breathe clean air free of mites and allergens. This will reduce various allergy symptoms such as eye irritation, sneezing, and so on.

  • Helps keep your food fresh for a longer duration. Breads will take much longer to go stale. Baked goods and cereals will also benefit.

  • A quality dehumidifier runs automatically in the background, and an all house model can easily dehumidify the entire house.

  • Dehumidifier also prevents mold growth by controlling the amount of moisture in the air. Mold growth can be dangerous for all those who are suffering from asthma and allergies. Usually mold thrives in the dark and damp areas and is mostly found in the air ducts, attics, boats and RVs. When mold grows, it releases microscopic spores that may cause skin irritation, nasal congestion and other health issues.

  • Some areas in the country are so humid that laundry days can become a nightmare. Clothes may take days to dry and may also develop unpleasant smell. With the removal of excessive moisture from the air, your laundry will dry faster on the rack and there is no need to use tumble dryers.

  • Dehumidifiers also help in reducing condensation on the frames and windows, which helps in maintaining cleanliness and they will last for a long time. This is mostly evident in the leeward of any house where kitchens and bathrooms are present.

  • As compared to an air conditioning unit running on its own, the combined use of a dehumidifier and an air conditioner reduces the operational cost over time. This is so because air conditioning unit won’t have to do the dehumidification function.

  • Your electronic items, including computers and laptops will last longer and work more efficiently in the dry air.

Choosing the right dehumidifier for your needs

If you’re stuck and need some help in choosing the best dehumidifer, just get in touch with us at Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service! Our helpful staff will assist you in choosing the best machine according to your budget and needs. We love our customers and work to keep them for life! Give us a call at (317) 881-9536!

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