Indoor Air Quality Information & Services

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Air quality can be controlled with air purification systems that remove odors, fungi, smoke, bacteria, mold, and more from the air in your home or business. Air purification systems are a safe and effective way to rid your building of polluted or otherwise impure air. If you’re concerned about the air you’re breathing inside your home, put Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service’s expertise to work for you! We’ve been ensuring great air quality in our customers’ businesses and home since 1965.

How air quality systems work

With a larger unit installed right into the A/C unit, people with allergies, infants and the elderly would enjoy a cleaner indoor environment. The air conditioning unit itself has filters that will help to keep the air clean, but by adding a filtration system owners can be assured of the best quality air for their home or business.

Air purifiers significantly reduce the pollutants that can cause upper respiratory diseases, allergy irritation, asthma, and the common cold. The greatest benefit to having our licensed and certified HVAC technicians install an air purifier is that your home or office will have fewer instances of illnesses and everyone will be able to breathe easier. The function of the air purifier is to direct air through a filter that will catch most of the pollutants in the air. The purifier will send the air through the filter many times and the machine will catch even the smallest of particles.

Air quality testing for homes and businesses

Poor indoor air quality can worsen many major health problems in humans as well as the family pets. Businesses that purify the air for workers will find that there are fewer missed days from work and the staff will be more alert while working. Stale air can make people tired and feel ill. Statistics show that by having a plumber install an air purifier in your home or business, airborne particles will be removed and the chance of allergies and other symptoms will be reduced!

The HVAC system that is in the home or office building is the one unit that delivers all the fresh air to the building. Professional HVAC technicians should be called in at least twice a year to make sure all the contaminants are cleaned out of the air handler. If the air handler is contaminated with pollen, bacteria and dust mites, your family or workers are all breathing pollutants and poor quality air.

Our duct cleaning service techniques

We use air scrubbers and special vacuums to make sure the air ducts are cleaned properly and the pollutants do not contaminate the rest of the building. The proper cleaning of the air ducts will prevent the build up of dust mites, mold and other pollutants. Having your air conditioning unit properly taken care of will help to preserve the A/C unit longer and cut down on your energy bills.

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