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Commercial air conditioning units for a local business are often a headache to maintain. Most can have a breakdown when being constantly used on hot summer days. If a contractor is not keeping the system properly maintained, then expensive repair bills may result. Business owners who have a cooling tower also need to make sure the unit is being properly maintained. Count on Griesemer Plumbing & Mechanical Service to maintain, repair, and install cooling towers!

About Cooling Towers

Businesses with many air conditioning units will be surprised to learn that a cooling tower will help to increase the efficiency of the air conditioning system. A standard air conditioning unit generates quite a bit of heat. The water that is used by a cooling tower is able to dissipate this heat. Reducing heat that is produced by an air conditioning unit will help lower energy use. This efficiency will also help to lower the cost of annual electricity bills.

Cooling Tower Installation

The first step a business needs to take when considering the installation of a cooling tower is to call on a plumbing and mechanical service professional. A professional will need to inspect the current system for a building. This is needed to determine the best options available for cooling tower installation. The new cooling tower will be tied into the existing air conditioning system.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

A new cooling tower will require regular maintenance to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. If the unit is not properly maintained, then performance will be negatively impacted. Annual maintenance by an experienced team of professionals is recommended. This team will inspect the unit and clean all the components. There are also various task that will be performed. The entire system is disinfected, debris around the tower will be cleaned, the water supply lines will be checked for leaks, and tower may need to be drained and refilled.

Regular maintenance of the cooling tower for a manufacturing plant or other business is needed as the unit is susceptible to scale deposits, mineral buildup, bacteria growth, and corrosion. Fouling will also be reduced when regular maintenance is performed. The goal of regular maintenance will be to reduce the intake of fresh water and to limit the product of waste water. This is a necessity as the conservation of water is becoming more of a priority for many businesses and local communities.

Water Treatment Information

The water used with cooling towers needs to be routinely treated to prevent problems. Many problems found with cooling towers is decreased efficiency due to the buildup of scale. Scale is an issue caused by hard water. The contaminants in water can also lead to the corrosion of components that are used to cool a building. If water is regularly treated, then sickness that could be caused by bacteria is no longer a concern.

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